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 CNC Plasma Cutting Machines
No matter the job, Torchmate has a system that will fit your needs.

Torchmate CNC plasma cutting systems and other automation tools have been the solution for manufacturers, small shop owners, hobbyists, and fabricators worldwide for over 30 years. Torchmate has more options and accessories available than any other CNC plasma cutting system manufacturer on the market. Our machines are custom built for each customer based on his or her production needs. Torchmate's CNC plasma cutters range in price beginning as low as $3,000 for a basic system to $30,000+.

Torchmate 2x2 CNC Prototyping System
2'x2' CNC Prototyping System with Water Table

The Torchmate 2'x2' and 2'x4' CNC Prototyping Systems has provided even the hobbyists working out of a garage the opportunity to use the latest in CNC technology. We have been overwhelmed by responses across the country to this revolutionary CNC tool. CNC technology and robotics is no longer out of reach for off-road chassis builders, metal art fabricators, and do-it-yourselfers.


Torchmate 1 CNC Plasma Cutting System

The Torchmate 1 DIY kit is suitable for customers that have welding experience and want to save a ton of money buy building your own CNC plasma machine. By investing your time and fabrication expertise into this build, much of work in your shop that took days to complete can be completed in a matter of only minutes. The Torchmate 1 DIY kits offer a cutting capacity from 4'x4' up to a full 6'x40'. Included in your kit are the plans, driver software, electronics, brackets, timing pulleys and belts, gearing, needle bearing cam followers and hardware needed to complete the project. You buy the required steel tubing and cold roll bar locally for additional savings on shipping.


Torchmate 3 CNC Plasma Cutting System

The Torchmate 2 and Torchmate 3 CNC plasma systems are each available as gantry kits or as bolt-together tables. CNC gantry kits require welding skills as you will purchase steel locally and assemble the table and rail system according to plans provided in your kit. Our bolt together option, however does not require welding skills. You will receive the extruded aluminum which is simply bolted together with the use of basic hand tools.



Torchmate X CNC Plasma Cutting System

Torchmate X is offered as a complete turn-key system, but is available as a gantry kit as well. This system is competitively priced with features including adjustable water table, low backlash 10:1 gearboxes, angled support slats for increased life, steel assembly welded with a 6-axis robot, and complete in-house testing prior to shipment. The Torchmate X is available with servo or stepper motors. This monster of a machine has made it to ship building facilities, military facilities, and industrial manufacturing plants worldwide.



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